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Our Sustainable Fabrics, Explained

 A key element of the design process that can make or break a particular style or an entire collection is the sourcing of fabric. There are countless materials to consider, and nearly as many suppliers to purchase from. This aspect of the business was very overwhelming in the early days of Gallagher. However, over the last few years, we’ve solidified our relationships with a small number of suppliers and have carved out a limited selection of fabrics to utilize in our designs. Our suppliers share our ethics and offer the highest quality sustainable fabrics.

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Made to Order: What it is, What it’s not, and Why we do it 

One of the questions we get asked most often at Gallagher is about our unique business model: what exactly does “made-to-order” mean? I will admit that, up until a few years ago, I wasn’t quite sure myself! I want to lay out what made-to-order means in our own terms, some of the false assumptions that are often made about this model, and why we operate this way.  First off, what is a made-to-order business?  I did a quick Google search to see what populated for “made-to-order,” and it turns out the world wide web is also confused about the term! So I’m going to describe it as best I can in our own terms:   A product that is made-to-order is...

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A Year in Review: 2020 with the Gallagher Gals

Happy New Year Gals! As we collectively breathe a sigh of relief at the end of 2020, this occasion seemed like the perfect opportunity to introduce a new addition to Gallagher, our very own blog. As our community grows, we want to be intentional about continuing to connect with you and sharing our journey along the way. You can now look forward to finding our monthly reflections delivered to your inbox (subscribe today!) or on social from here on out.

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