A Year in Review: 2020 with the Gallagher Gals

Happy New Year Gals! As we collectively breathe a sigh of relief at the end of 2020, this occasion seemed like the perfect opportunity to introduce a new addition to Gallagher, our very own blog. As our community grows, we want to be intentional about continuing to connect with you and sharing our journey along the way. You can now look forward to finding our monthly reflections delivered to your inbox (subscribe today!) or on social from here on out.

It seemed only natural that we dedicate this first post to reflecting on the change and growth that 2020 has brought us both personally and as a brand. Like many other brands, we’ve had to pivot to meet the needs of our community, while staying true to the heart of who we are- sisters who aim to celebrate moments big and small, as well as the women around us, by dressing for the occasion.  

Challenges of 2020: 

  • How do you dress for the occasion when the world is on lockdown?
    • Dressing for the occasion has looked very different in a year where traditional occasions quickly became few and far between. We’ve taken this opportunity to introduce more casual dresses as well as separates into our spring and fall collections, while also diversifying our price points in a trying time economically.  
    • Check out this post for our updated thoughts on dressing for the occasion in 2021
  • When life gives you lemons, make….masks?
    • The addition of masks to our repertoire was another unforeseen adaptation that we dedicated weeks of development and months of production to providing our customers this spring. Over the course of a few months we made hundreds of masks utilizing the fabric stock we had in sizes for the whole family.

 Highlights of 2020:

  • Don’t let hard times crush big dreams
    • We have dreamt of opening up a Gallagher storefront for some time now, and although the pandemic made for less than ideal circumstances, when presented with the opportunity at Selden Market we knew we had to take it — and now we couldn’t be more grateful that we did. Connecting with the local community here in Hampton Roads has been a huge encouragement to us as a brand. We’re so grateful for your support!  
  •  The Gallagher Gals Compound of 2020
    • This year, Hannah and I were able to live (and work, and eat, and quarantine) under the same roof for two months. When the country shut down in March, we had just finished our spring collection photoshoot in Chicago. With the airlines having cancelled my travel plans back to VA, Hannah and her husband made the decision to drive me home and ended up quarantining for all of April and May with Scott and I. We all look back on that decision with immense gratitude, as we recognized a unique opportunity to share a unique season together. 
  • Kindly, a sister brand, in more ways than one!
    • In October, co-founder and sister, Hannah, launched a new brand of her own — Kindly,. This idea of a subscription card company was born during our time together in Virginia and in just a few short months, Kindly was launched! Kindly, is also a brand with an emphasis on celebration. While they believe the biggest occasions deserve special attention, their desire is to cultivate, in subscribers, a practice of sending letters "just because." Check it out here and be sure to follow along @kindlycards

Looking forward in 2021:

  • The Gallagher Family is growing! 
    • In case you missed it — Sarah and Scott are preparing to welcome a sweet baby boy in early March! This exciting addition to team Gallagher will certainly be another kind of challenge, but they are so thankful to have a strong support system behind them. 
  • The Gallagher Team needs you!
    • As we grow into this new role as parents, we are also in need of additional support on the business side of things, which is why we are looking for a production assistant to join us in Norfolk. If you or someone you know has a passion for making clothes and wants to learn more about the design and development of a clothing line send us your resume at hello@shop-gallagher.com. We’d love to chat more with you about this opportunity! 
    • Update: this position has been filled.  
  • Transparency Renewed
    • When the world turned upside down in 2020 certain things came into sharper focus for us as a brand. In the past we’ve tried to balance our direct relationships with customers alongside the pursuit of wholesale boutique clients. While we’d hoped to spread the Gallagher brand farther across the country, this pursuit has made it difficult to leverage competitive price points for our apparel while keeping our business profitable. In step with an increasingly digital retail world, we’ve made the decision to solely pursue our customers directly, and thus offer a more accessible price point for our made-to-order sustainable pieces. We want to continue to offer you the best of sustainable fashion at the best price possible. 
    • With the addition of our blog we hope to also increase our educational platform in 2021, sharing the most important pieces of our development and production process: who makes our products, where our materials are sourced from, and how we make decisions for the health and wellness of our brand and ourselves. There is so much we haven’t been able to capture on social media, and we’d like to give you the chance to go deeper with us in this journey. 

This year has been a wild ride to say the least, but we have never been more grateful for our health, our homes, our families, and you, our community, for supporting us through it all. We couldn’t have accomplished all we did in 2020 without you. Cheers to a new year and continuing to look for new ways to celebrate each other! 

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