Dressing for the Occasion, Again

Dressing for the Occasion, Again

Hi friends! Forgive me for neglecting my blog writing duties in this new season of motherhood. Summer is now in full swing and restrictions have been lifted, giving way to a new normal for us all, just in time for wedding season! Hurrah! For the most part we’ve all begun returning to our old selves, and for a lot of us that includes our old wardrobes-- or new? 


The Impact of Covid-19 on Fashion & Gallagher

There was much speculation within the fashion industry around this time last year as to whether we’d entered a new era of athleisure and loungewear, or whether the age of “dressing for the occasion” was dead. I have to be honest, it worried me. With a brand mantra of “dressing for the occasion”, I wondered when there would be occasions to celebrate again. After all, those without essential roles were working from home, and events ranging from weddings to even small gatherings had been postponed indefinitely. When those occasions did return, how would fashion adjust in a post pandemic world? I had business consultants, customers, and even my suppliers suggesting that I pivot my business plans to better reflect the trends and the times we were living in. And we did adjust. In the fall of 2020 we introduced our first stretch fabric and increased our line of separates, but I also resolved to hold to my vision for the brand at large. While there’s certainly a time and a place for loungewear and athleisure, I do believe an occasion should be met with proper attire. In fact, over at the Business of Fashion, a few hopeful industry insiders predicted that similar to the roaring ‘20s, we’d soon find ourselves celebrating the freedom of a post COVID world with a welcome return to dressing up. 

Made-To-Order Dresses Have Bounced Back

In the spring of 2021 I moved forward with an entirely new dress design and updates to some of our previous bestselling styles. It seems that many of us were more than ready to ditch the sweatpants for something that made us feel beautiful again, which has been the heart of Gallagher all along. So here we are — with made-to-order dresses as our core product line, our community has blown us away with the support of the new Olivia dress as well as our Charlotte and Emily dresses. Whether you’re returning to the office this summer, or your calendar is filling up with a myriad of celebrations, (the number of wedding guest orders we’ve gotten in the last month brings me so much joy) we are so ready to help you refresh your wardrobe.

What New Wardrobe Pieces Are On Your Mind?

Gals, we’d love to hear from you! Where do you feel like your wardrobe could use a refresh? Are you in need of a date night number? Semi-formal frock for your next event? A workwear staple to spruce up your weekly office attire? Comment below or shoot us an email at hello@shop-gallagher.com. We’d love to know how we can continue designing pieces to celebrate your everyday life. Our fall collection is set to launch late-August and we can’t wait to help you transition into this next season! 

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