Meet the Gallagher Gals! 

As designers and best friends with a vision for a womenswear brand founded on celebrating occasions big and small, Sarah and Hannah have combined their unique talents to help women do just that. Our brand is for the woman who finds joy in dressing for the occasion. She loves celebrating milestones, embarking on new adventures, and inviting others into her home.


Our mission is to empower women to celebrate their lives with confidence while considering their consumption. Gallagher is committed to sustainably sourcing and ethically producing every piece to last in your closet, which is why we partner with vendors and collaborate with artisans who share our values. We've gone to painstaking lengths to make sure fit and fabric are on point for every style, so that your Gallagher dress will become a favorite you reach for again and again.

Our Core Values


Here at Gallagher, we value the process. Our made-to-order model allows us to oversee each step of the production process to ensure we are delivering the best product to you, without cutting corners or underestimating the value.


Although women continue to be the backbone of the garment industry in labor and dollars, the unfortunate truth is that men are still running this industry. We’re proud to be a women owned and operated business and we hope to continue to empower and employ women who are not willing to accept the status quo. We are also committed to supporting artisans and ethically-minded vendors in the U.S. and across the Atlantic who lift up their employees.


Our collection includes only a handful of fabrics, all made from mostly natural fibers. Natural fabrics will continue to be at the forefront of our design process as we develop each new collection. You can read more about our sustainable sourcing process in our post on Sustainable Fabrics, Explained.


While the pressure to slash prices in the apparel industry has never been higher, we know the true cost of fashion. We are committed to pricing our garments with sustainable materials and ethical production in mind. Read more of our thoughts on this topic on our blog post, Breaking Down Honest Prices.